City Wide Treasure Hunt with a $1,000 cash prize

We at Escape Room Era love puzzles, and we love making them too! We've decided to make a summer scavenger hunt and if you find the treasure you will earn $1,000 for yourself. Only one winner so make sure you work fast and have a team if you are willing to split it. 

The puzzles you will come across are not escape room style puzzles. Meaning they should take a lot of time but are not impossible. They are very difficult. So feel free to work on them whenever you want.

There are no hints so please do not ask for any.

There is only 1 physical location you will have to go to.

When you find treasure, only take a picture of where it is buried. DO NOT DIG. We did not bury the treasure. If you take a picture of where it's "buried" and send it to us then you win.

Escape Room Era

3365 E Miraloma Ave., Ste. 202 

Anaheim, CA 92806 USA





Monday - Thursday  5:30 pm - 12 am
Friday - Sunday  10:45 am - 12 am

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We hope to see you soon for your escape room experience! Escape Room Era! The best escape rooms in Orange County!