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Welcome home! Come enter these escape rooms where you will uncover interactive games with clues to find, riddles and puzzles to solve, and a mission to accomplish within one hour. These rooms will test if you are a team player and a creative thinker. Ignite your curiosity. Heighten your sense of FUN.

Stay for one hour and leave with memories for a lifetime!


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We've done over 100 escape rooms and would recommend Escape Room Era. Unique puzzles, attention to detail, great staff. -John D. via Google

There were six of us total and we all enjoyed it! We couldn't stop talking about our experience after we got done. I would definitely recommend this place!!! -Charlene I. via Yelp

Choose Your Game at Orange County's #1 Escape Room Located in Anaheim, CA

Christmas at Franklin's

Escape Room Era proudly presents this new Colonial Christmas Escape Room  sure to warm your hearts and bring smiles to all.


And to all a good game! 

Difficulty: 5/10

Scariness: 0/10

Wholesomeness: 10/10

General Santa Claus, impressed by Ben Franklin’s greatest invention, discovers that Franklin has now created the greatest toy. General Claus dreams of making and giving this new toy to every good child in the world, but Franklin refuses to give up the toy. So Santa is ordering you, Seal Team Elf, to acquire it from Franklin’s house. He wants the prototype so he can start mass production to distribute to the children. Without the greatest toy, the North Pole's stockings will plummet. Your mission is to find that toy and save Christmas!

 4-9 players: $35/person

The Overgrown

You are apocalypse survivors. The raiders that are normally at the office outpost are gone for at least one hour. Now is your chance to get inside and find out what they are protecting.

Been to over 15 escape rooms and this one is my favorite. I did Overgrown twice because of how fun it was- and both times were different, challenging, and fun! Our host was amazing and truly acted his role, I won't spoil it but it's so interactive and I never imagined I would have THAT much fun in an escape room! -Kookie H. via Yelp

I've been to a few escape rooms and this one is by far my favorite. The story line behind the apocalyptic themed room was super cool and the decorations and special effects were amazing. The puzzles were creative and challenging, definitely very unique. -Savannah O. via Yelp

Difficulty: 7/10

Scariness: 1/10

Apocalypse: 10/10

 2-6 players: $35/person

Additional Information

Age Limit: Under 17 requires an adult to be present. No exceptions. The adult can wait in the lobby or watch the game in the camera room.


Alcohol: No alcohol allowed. Any person exhibiting intoxicated behaviors will be asked to leave without a refund.


Refunds: There is a 24 hour no refund policy. Please plan accordingly.


Private: All rooms are always private!


If you have any special booking requests or have any questions, please call during office hours or email anytime.

Escape Room Era

3365 E Miraloma Ave., Ste. 202 

Anaheim, CA 92806 USA





Monday - Thursday  5:30 pm - 12 am
Friday - Sunday  10:45 am - 12 am

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