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Escape Rooms - Redefining Creativity & Productivity in your Employees

The corporate world is at a buzz these days. With plenty of new and innovative ideas, employees productivity and creativity is being harnessed in a totally different approach.

What is the single most important factor in running a successful business?

Chances are you'll point out towards team management skills. Building a team that thrives on creativity can be a tough ask. One has to look at each team member individually and make an assessment. In a recent study conducted by Harvard points out that team building is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. However, an escape room might be considered as one of the most effective and fastest ways to build a team.

What is an Escape Room?

Just as the name suggests, an escape room needs to be escaped. But the escape isn't meant to be something that is done forcefully. Rather, the room itself will involve all the players in the game and offer them clues. As soon as the clues have been discovered, the players will be able to leave the escape room. The underlying philosophy of an escape room is that players get involved in an immersive challenge of role playing. Here are some of the reasons why an escape room activity can be extremely beneficial for your employees as far as team building is concerned:

Problem Solving:

A problem solving approach is vital for a team. An escape room allows all the team members to collectively solve a particular problem. The major difference is the fact that your team members will be solving the problem in a fun way, without any sort of external pressure. As escape room is designed in such a way that a player is able to adapt to situations quickly. This in turn, incites a problem solving behavior in him or her.

Working Towards a Common Goal:

A lot of businesses assign teams to achieve a certain goal. In all honesty, this is the purpose why we even form a team. An escape room can be a great practice area where a team is allowed to collectively work to achieve a common goal, that is to escape the room. This entire exercise puts them under a process that requires individual skills.

Conflict Management:

Often a times, conflicts within a team can occur. Although, conflicts are natural among individuals but what is more important is the fact that these conflicts can be addressed. An escape room precisely does that! If certain members of your team get in a conflict, the escape room will allow them to figure out the problem in a productive manner.


Escape rooms are the epitome of an environment where team building is necessary. This provides your employees an opportunity to work in a collective yet friendly manner. We believe that escape room activities over a period of time can make a huge difference in terms of the creative potential of your team.

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