• David Watermeier

Goodbye Franklin

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

A message about our Benjamin Franklin's Invention Escape Room closing.

For the last 3 years this has been a special place for us and hopefully the same to our wonderful customers. Weekends were filled with laughter and joy. There's been marriage proposals, first dates, and last dates... maybe not always joy. Families and friends gathered here and had a great time. We've used thousands of Lysol wipes, also vacuumed and dusted what seems to be a million times. Candle lit environment was always a challenge. AA batteries by the bulk is a blessing.

Our goal has always been to treat every customer like it's our very first, because they all deserve the same.

Our acting skills are not something we claim to be the best in. But we were definitely committed to the role. It wasn't a perfect escape game, there are certainly better. Even the name choice was probably too long. We love it and will make even better ones in the future. We're excited for the Christmas Escape Room that's replacing it.

It's definitely going to be something special.

Never dreamed to be feeling so sentimental. 3 years after initial planning and now we are shutting it down. Happy to know it's for a good reason. Now it's time to enjoy the coming Christmas Season. Thank you!

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