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The Top 5 Best Escape Rooms!

Best Escape Room

Whether you’re looking for a unique date experience, some excitement with the family, or a team-building activity to bond co-workers, escape rooms can offer diverse tastes the right balance between spontaneity and strategy, fun and challenge!

Escape rooms are interactive games played in groups, where players are locked in a themed room and given clues, in order to literally ‘escape the room’! Players must work together against a clock to accomplish specific and shared goals, each clue leading to the next, in hopes of ‘winning’ at the escape game. Players are successful if they can unlock all of the clues in the set amount and escape the room!

With escape room themes ranging from horror, to pirates, prison breaks, and zombies, escape rooms offer an immersive experience for adults to let loose and play! But not too loose, because escape games require skill and cooperation to be successful at escaping the room!

While there may be some escape rooms appropriate for younger audiences, many of the escape rooms we scoured deal with mature themes, serve alcohol, or are otherwise inappropriate for young players.

That said, we have tried to be representative in this list and have chosen escape rooms based on the cleverness and challenge of the puzzles, the aesthetics of the rooms and props, reviews of players, the quality of the storyline of the escape game, as well as those that are family-friendly, and suitable to a diverse range of audiences.

After delving deep into the escape room world of fun and mystery, some in person, and some online, here are a list of our five top real life adventure games, the escape rooms you’d be lucky to experience!

Sherlocked: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Vault is a 90-minute escape room game where players are immersed in a cinematic adventure, more experience than puzzle based, The Vault is reviewed as one of the most difficult escape rooms, with a small percentage of players actually succeeding at escaping the room!

The Vault features has an actor within the game, necessary for the narrative, however if you do not enjoy actors in your escape room experience, you may want to pass on this one. Most reviewers remarking on the adventure and experience, and less strategy or clue based, the size of the escape room should be taken into consideration as there are stairs, and at some point, at least one of your players will have to crawl.

Centred around a heist, this escape room turns the typical storyline around where the players are actually the thieves having to steal from an old and heavily guarded safe.

Marketing itself as a top quality mystery experience brand, if you are in Amsterdam, and of sound fitness, this is a definite must escape room to check out. To learn more or visit Sherlocked for yourself, check out their website here: https://sherlocked.nl/.

Escaperoom Era: Anaheim, California

With a just near perfect rating on Trip Advisor, this escape room is one of our favourites on the list. Choose from a post-apocalyptic or historical holiday based escape room, perfect for families, dates, and team bonding. The clues are described by reviewers as clever and challenging, which is in our opinion, what escape rooms should be all about!

For holiday lovers, the Benjamin Franklin Christmas escape room provides family fun without the tense or fear-based storyline. Another escape room option, called The Overgrown, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you and your team are the only survivors, an exciting plot that positions players as potential heroes, always a favourite!

A new horror-based escape room The Hide is coming in 2021, and overall this escape room has the most fair prices we’ve seen in escape rooms globally. If you’re in the Orange County area, check out this family-friendly escape room!

Seoul Escape Room: Seoul, South Korea

If you do not speak Korean, don’t worry, it wont be part of the puzzles for this escape room! An escape room in Seoul that is English-language friendly, this escape room is a popular choice amongst tourists and locals for its high energy and challenging game.

With most games being 60-minutes, and two of the games being 75 minutes, Seoul Escape Room offers 11 rooms to choose from, ensuring an escape room theme to suit every taste

The Official SAW Escape Room: Las Vegas, Nevada

If you don’t like horror, and the movie SAW gave you nightmares, than you may want to skip this multiple-room escape game that immerses players in the storyline of SAW!

Locked in a meat-packing plant, players are lead through multiple rooms by scary clues for a game that’s timed just over an hour. Offering what the company calls ‘exciting’ birthday parties, this elaborate escape game self-describes itself as twisted, so horror fans delight, but for everyone else…you’ve been warned!

Escape from the Six: Mississauga, Canada

With three escape rooms to choose from, this Canadian escape room provides varying difficulty levels from beginner, intermediate to advanced. Great for a range of ages, the Wild West escape room is noted as a beginner’s game where you find yourself as North America’s most wanted outlaws, being held in the Sheriff’s cell, awaiting your overnight transfer to Federal prison!

If you love the wild west and are new to escape rooms, this could be the one for you, rated by players as one of Canada’s top escape rooms!

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