The Making of 'The Zoe': Behind the Scenes at Escapade Games

June 25, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create an escape room? At Escape Room Era, we take pride in creating immersive experiences for our players. And today, we're taking you behind the scenes of one of our most popular game rooms, 'The Zoe,' created in partnership with Escapade Games.

The Zoe is an original horror escape room, considered one of the best in all of California. In this game, players are tasked with escaping a dark and creepy laboratory after waking up as test subjects. The room is filled with puzzles and riddles that players must solve in order to escape before the time runs out.

Creating 'The Zoe' was no easy feat. It took our team of designers, engineers, and writers months to plan and execute the game. We started by brainstorming the story and the puzzles, carefully considering the level of difficulty and making sure everything aligned with the overall theme.

Next, we focused on the physical design of the room. We wanted to create an immersive experience for the players, so we paid attention to every detail, from the lighting to the textures on the walls. We created puzzles that required players to interact with the environment, adding to the overall realism of the game.

Once the game was complete, we tested it multiple times to make sure everything worked seamlessly and players could solve the puzzles within the allotted time frame. And when 'The Zoe' finally opened, it quickly became a fan favorite.

At Escape Room Era, we're always looking for ways to push the boundaries of escape room game design. Our partnership with Escapade Games has allowed us to offer even more diverse and thrilling game rooms to our players. And while 'The Zoe' may be temporarily unavailable due to Escapade Games' relocation, we're excited to continue creating innovative and exciting games for our players.

If you haven't tried an escape room yet, we invite you to come experience the thrill and excitement for yourself. With our array of immersive interactive game rooms, there's something for everyone at Escape Room Era. Book a game today, and let the adventure begin!

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