The Perfect Summer Getaway: Anaheim's Escape Room Era

July 12, 2023

Imagine stepping into a mysterious, run-down house from your darkest nightmares. The air is heavy with a sense of foreboding, and every creaking floorboard fills you with unease. You find yourself drawn to this abandoned home, haunted by its presence in your dreams. The call becomes unbearable, and against your better judgment, you enter. Little do you know that you are about to embark on a terrifying journey, where nightmares become reality, in Escapade Games' Zoe Escape Room.

Zoe, one of the most notable escape rooms offered by Escapade Games, has re-opened its doors for the summer holidays. This horror-themed room is not for the faint of heart. With mature and scary content, it promises an intense scare factor that will leave even the bravest souls trembling. The room spans over 2000 square feet and provides a spine-chilling experience lasting up to 90 minutes. Are you ready to face your fears?

Designed for teams of up to 11 people, Zoe offers a full contact escape room experience. This means that actors may physically interact with participants within agreed boundaries, adding an extra layer of immersion to an already terrifying adventure. As you and your team navigate through Zoe's bedroom, Robert's lair, and other twisted rooms of the house, you'll encounter eerie spirits who hold the secrets to Zoe's freedom. To prevail, you must gather your wits and solve the dark rituals and puzzles that will put an end to this nightmare once and for all.

But beware, for you are not alone. Uncle Robert lurks in the shadows, awaiting a chance to strike. As you unravel the mysteries of the house, you must also evade and outsmart this relentless antagonist. One wrong move, and his axe will be swift to find its mark. Can you keep your nerves steady while under such intense pressure?

Escapade Games' Zoe Escape Room is available at the company's Fullerton location. The room operates from Monday to Friday, starting at 3:15 PM and closing at 11:15 PM. On weekends, it opens at 11:15 AM and remains open until 11:15 PM. To book your thrilling adventure, you can contact Escapade Games via email at or by phone at 909-631-6716.

Escapade Games, known for their immersive and scary escape rooms, offers an unforgettable experience for horror enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike. Their rooms have gained rave reviews, with an average rating of 5.0, and have garnered a reputation for being among the best in California. If you're in search of a unique and spine-chilling getaway this summer, Escapade Games' Zoe Escape Room is the perfect choice.

So gather your friends, summon your courage, and step into a world where nightmares meet reality. Whether you're a hardcore horror gamer or simply seeking an adrenaline rush, Zoe Escape Room promises an experience you won't soon forget. Can you escape the clutches of the paranormal and unravel the secrets of the house? The clock is ticking, and your fate awaits.

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