Turn Up the Heat this Summer with 'Zoe': The Best Full Contact Escape Room in California

July 13, 2023

Turn Up the Heat this Summer with 'Zoe': The Best Full Contact Escape Room in California

Looking for a thrilling and immersive escape room experience? Look no further than Escapade Games in Fullerton, California. Known for their captivating live escape room games, Escapade Games offers a variety of rooms that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With their attention to detail, live actors, and immersive environments, Escapade Games provides an exhilarating experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Immersive and Exhilarating Escape Rooms

  • Groups of 2 to 6 people
  • 60 minutes to escape
  • Finding clues, solving puzzles, and opening hidden doors
  • Elaborate decorations and captivating music
  • Live actors to enhance the experience

With consistently high ratings of 5.0, Escapade Games is celebrated for their scary and immersive rooms. Their attention to detail and involvement of live actors create an unforgettable experience. They also offer public ticketing and ensure that their facilities are ADA compliant.

The Standout Room: 'Zoe'

One of the standout rooms at Escapade Games is 'Zoe.' This gripping escape room experience puts players in the shoes of Zoe, facing paranormal activities in an abandoned house. The clock is ticking as players race against time to escape before their own personality undergoes a chilling transformation. 'Zoe' is designed for groups of 4 to 9 players, with a minimum age requirement of 16 years. Private room prices start at $52 per room.

Operating Hours and Contact Information

Escapade Games is conveniently located at 1111 E Commonwealth Ave Suite A, Fullerton, California. They are open Monday to Friday from 3:15 PM to 11:15 PM, and on Saturday and Sunday from 11:15 AM to 11:15 PM. Parking is available at the back of the building. If you need to get in touch with Escapade Games, you can reach them via email at info@escapadegames.us or by phone at +17142138631 or +1 (650) 360-5443.

Experience 'Zoe: Reborn'

'Zoe: Reborn,' the newest iteration of the 'Zoe' escape room, will be reopening on August 1st. Take advantage of discounted pre-sale tickets, available for $10 less than the regular rate.

'Zoe: Reborn' Escape Room Information:

Theme: Horror (mature, scary content)
Duration: Up to 90 minutes
Capacity: Accommodates up to 11 people
Pricing: $69.00 per person
Difficulty: Rated 9/10 for the intense scare factor

Prepare to explore over 2000 square feet in this immersive 90-minute horror experience. The abandoned house that has haunted your dreams has drawn you in, but now you must find a way to escape. As you become trapped within its walls, you enter a terrifying realm where nightmares become reality. To free Zoe and end the horror, the spirits reveal the dark secrets and rituals that must be executed. But remember, you are not alone. Uncle Robert is here. As you and your team tackle the puzzles, you must also avoid and outwit Uncle Robert. One misstep could have deadly consequences. The enigmatic, decrepit house is filled with multiple rooms, separated by an endless hallway of doors. Prepare to explore Zoe's bedroom, Robert's lair, and other twisted spaces that will challenge your courage. Be warned, Zoe is a Full Contact Escape Room, which means the actors may physically interact with participants within defined boundaries.

Nightmarish Puzzles

'Zoe's puzzles are deeply rooted in its horrifying storyline, offering interactive tasks that feel like genuine encounters with the spirits or means of survival. From cryptic sigils and haunted paintings to satanic circles and blood-soaked rituals, these puzzles will immerse you in the horror of Zoe's world. Even the simplest tasks become nearly impossible amid the terror you will experience.

Award-Winning Horror Experience

'Zoe' has gained recognition through several Escape Room awards and has earned the esteemed title of "Scariest Escape Room" from renowned reviewers. With over 100 5-star Yelp reviews and the Haunting Net Award for Best Horror Escape Game, 'Zoe' delivers an unparalleled horror experience.

Too Much Horror

'Zoe' keeps a monthly tally board of the teams that give up due to being overwhelmed by fear, screaming for the nightmare to end. This count continues to rise daily.

Awards and Reviews

  • Escape Authority Award for Best Horror Room
  • Over 100 5-star Yelp Reviews
  • Haunting Net Award for Best Horror Escape Game

Technical Details

Theme: Horror with mature and scary content
Duration: Up to 90 minutes
Capacity: Accommodates up to 11 people
Pricing: $69.00 per person
Difficulty: Rated 9/10 for the intense scare factor

To learn more about 'Zoe' and other escape rooms offered by Escapade Games, contact them at zoe@escaperoomera.com or by phone at 909-631-6716. Follow them on Instagram at @escapadegames for updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of their thrilling escape room experiences.

Prepare to Face Your Darkest Nightmares

Head to 'Zoe' at Escapade Games and book your tickets now. Get ready to scream, solve, and escape in the ultimate horror adventure.

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