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The greatest Escape Rooms in Fullerton, explore today our award winning, full-contact, bone-chilling experience, Zoe: Reborn.

Get ready to have the scariest experience of your life.

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  • Every game room and props are disinfected between each and every game

  • All experiences are private to ensure the safety and privacy of your group.

  • Our games are built by expert escape room designers to make sure you have the best experience possible.

  • We offer games that are family friendly, couple friendly, and customizable for the best experience possible for your group

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Choose from our selection of incredible escape games, pick from themes you know and love!
From Sci-Fi, to Holiday cheer and Investigative Horror!

start escaping!

Enter the room, start solving puzzles, coordinate with your team, scream, run around, lose your mind until someone suggest a simple solution that works, run some more, solve more puzzles, and escape in 60 minutes!

fun for all ages and groups!

Bring your Friends!

Escape Rooms can be an incredible experience to bring your friends to play together.

Fun for the entire Family!

Bring your entire family along for the ride, with our family-friendly rooms!

Co-workers Welcome!

Improve relations, make your team flow better, and learn about each-other!

Lovers Included!

For couples, all of our rooms offer 2-player configurations for couples! LGBTQ+ friendly!


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Any questions or special plans, such as Corporate Events, Birthdays, and anything else that comes to mind, just get in contact! Below you will find contact information for our game companies.


Zoe is back, better than ever. Our premier Full-Contact Horror Escape Room is bigger, scarier, with more blood and evil than you'll be able to handle.

too much horror ?!

For Zoe, We keep a tally board every month of how many teams give up due to being too scared to continue, screaming for the nightmare to end. It increases daily.

fuLL-CONTAct, full terror

Zoe is a full-contact room, which means that you have to sign a contract before playing the game that allows our actors to chase, grab, hold you hostage, and taze you as part of the horror game. It makes the horror real.

Note: We will never hurt you, and those that wish to play without full contact must only specify it at our lobby before playing.

bigger, better, badder.

Zoe is back and bigger than ever before. Our new Escape Room is more than double the size of old Zoe, a labyrinthine playhouse of thrills and frights, a sequel to the original storyline, rewritten sounds and effects, more blood, intense chases, scares, spanning 100 minutes of pure terror.

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