the best 2 player escape rooms in CALIFORNIA

The greatest 2 player escape games you can have in California: run from killers, shoot zombies, and get in the holiday mood. If you are anywhere near Anaheim, we have a great escape room near you!

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how does a 2 player escape room experience work?

On Escape Room Era, for our Valentine's Season, which lasts for the month of february, we rework all of our rooms to be able to be played and beaten by 2 player groups. This lets you bring your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, or just someone special to an incredible, adrenaline-inducing experience.


Welcome to our Valentines Season! At the Escape Room Alliance, we offer several experiences tailored to all tastes, in order to give you an incredible romantic experience.

For the Valentines Season of 2023, we have five different rooms that are specially adapted for romance: The Hide, Zoe: Reborn, Principal's Office, Christmas At Franklin's, and The Overgrown;

We prize our 2 player escape rooms as being able to offer some of the most romantic experiences ever. Maybe pick her up in your arms like a princess and run from Ted at The Hide, or show him your hidden power by protecting him from the evil zombies at The Overgrown.

We guarantee that your 2 player escape game will be like no others in Escape Room Era.


According to science, adrenaline rushes are linked to arousal and can promote attraction.

In a 2003 study of non-romantic partners on roller coaster rides, researchers found that "ratings of attractiveness and dating desirability toward a photographed individual were substantially higher among those who had completed" the ride, noting that "residual arousal from riding a roller-coaster intensified participants' later experience of attraction."

It's a real-life dating strategy: Just because the attraction may be "misattributed" doesn't mean it's not really happening or can't actually result in real attraction. It's all about the right context. For thrill-seekers and adventure junkies, planning dates that contain these aspects is really playing in their favor.

So it's simple. Book The Hide, bring your date, and afterwards take them out to a nice dinner. We promise it works.

Your school Principal has always been a little quirky. You and your friend purposely got into detention so that you can use that time to investigate him!

Ideal for 2 players, this escape room offers a blend of mystery, teamwork, and a dash of mischief as you
delve into the world of a high school you thought you knew.

2 players booking will be available throughout February. Celebrate Valentine's day with your SO in our Escape Rooms!

This Escape Room's theme is High School Adventure with a mysterious twist. Suitable for all ages.

This Escape Room's duration is 60 minutes maximum!

This Escape Room can accomodate 2 to 4 players at once.

This Escape Room's pricing is 42$ per person,.