The most intense murder-mystery horror escape room experience you will ever face. Investigate Ted Gein's apartment, and bring the criminal to light.

Escapade Games' old location closes on the 10th of May! Be sure to play ZOE before that date!
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You have been hired as private investigators to gather evidence against a suspected serial killer. After hearing of several missing persons alerts, it is time for you to step in and finish this hunt for the truth.

Investigate Ted Gein's apartment, and bring the criminal to light in order to receive payment for your service. Manage the two on-going investigations and you'll be successful in this horror escape room.

As a bonus in this horror escape room experience, you will record footage that you will be able to keep with you after the game!

Mystery Awaits

Embark on a spine-chilling journey into the world of "The Hide", a place where the lines between reality and fiction blur. As hired private investigators, you and your team will dive deep into the haunting tale of Ted Gein, a shadowy figure suspected of heinous crimes. Each clue, each twist in the story, beckons you further into a web of mystery and suspense.

Your mission is clear yet daunting. Explore Gein's eerie apartment, piecing together evidence and unraveling the truth behind several disturbing missing persons cases. The challenge is multifaceted – not only must you solve the mystery of the disappearances, but also bring the sinister secrets of the suspected serial killer to light.

In this world of intrigue and danger, your analytical skills, teamwork, and detective instincts are paramount. As the clock ticks, the pressure mounts. Will you solve the mystery in time, or will the enigma of Ted Gein remain shrouded in darkness?


Immerse Yourself in Horror

The Hide offers an escape room experience that transcends the ordinary, plunging you into a heart-pounding, immersive horror scenario. For 75 minutes, you'll navigate through a meticulously crafted setting, designed to stimulate your senses and challenge your courage. Each step takes you deeper into a narrative filled with intense scare factors and mind-bending puzzles.

The room’s atmosphere is a character in itself – from the haunting darkness pierced by minimal strobe lighting effects to the spine-tingling musical changes that accompany your journey. The puzzles are ingeniously woven into the narrative, demanding both creative thinking and steadfast nerves.

‍The experience is not just about finding clues or solving puzzles; it's about enduring and thriving in an environment that tests your limits. Small spaces, moments of complete darkness, and the eerie sense of being watched elevate "The Hide" from a simple game to a truly immersive horror experience.


Secure, terrifying

Your safety is our utmost priority at "The Hide". While the experience is intensely thrilling, it is built within a framework of absolute security. Our no-touch policy ensures that while the fear factor is high, physical safety is never compromised. The experience is free from fog machines and excessive physical strain, making it accessible to a wide range of participants.



- There are minimal strobe lightning effects.
- There will be no touching whatsoever by any actors and you will never be in any real danger.
-If you are looking for a full contact experience we strongly recommend Zoe: Reborn
- There is no use of Fog or Fog machines.
-This is a non-contact live actor horror experience.
-Throughout the horror experience there will be darkness and musical changes throughout.
-There is very light crawling in padded areas.



This Escape Room's theme is Horror and has extremely mature and scary content.


This escape room's duration is 75 minutes maximum.


This horror escape room accommodates up to 7 people, but we recommend groups of 4 for optimal scariness.


This escape room's pricing is $52.00 per person.


This escape room's difficulty is rated at 7/10. The puzzles aren't extremely tough but are more challenging with the added intense scare factor.


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Escapade Games' old location closes on the 10th of May! Be sure to play ZOE before that date!
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