5 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Great for Family Bonding

March 2, 2023

Written by David Watermeier


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Escape rooms have become increasingly popular as a unique and challenging form of entertainment, and Escape Room Era in Anaheim, California, offers some of the best escape rooms in the area. But did you know that escape rooms are not just fun, but also great for family bonding? In this article, we’ll explore five reasons why escape rooms are the perfect activity for families to enjoy together.

  1. Teamwork and CollaborationEscape rooms require players to work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and ultimately escape within the allotted time. This teamwork and collaboration not only builds strong bonds between family members, but also helps to develop valuable communication and problem-solving skills.
  2. Shared ExperienceParticipating in an escape room together provides a shared experience that family members can talk about and reminisce on for years to come. It creates a unique memory that is exclusive to the group, and can strengthen family relationships and create a stronger sense of unity.
  3. Fun and ChallengingEscape rooms are a fun and challenging activity that can engage family members of all ages. With different themes and difficulty levels, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Escape Room Era offers a variety of rooms, such as the post-apocalyptic survival game in "The Overgrown - Zombie Edition" or the suspenseful crime investigation in "The Hide."
  4. Screen-Free EntertainmentIn a world where so much entertainment involves staring at screens, escape rooms provide a refreshing break from technology. They require participants to engage with their surroundings and use their critical thinking skills to solve puzzles, making it a great way to unplug and spend quality time together as a family.
  5. Builds TrustParticipating in an escape room requires trust between family members. By working together and relying on each other to solve puzzles and escape the room, family members can build and strengthen their trust in each other, which can translate to stronger relationships outside of the game.

In conclusion, escape rooms provide a fun, challenging, and unique way for families to bond and create lasting memories. Escape Room Era offers a variety of exciting and immersive escape rooms that are perfect for families to enjoy together. So, next time you're looking for a family activity that's both fun and beneficial, consider booking an escape room experience.



Escape Room Era has been providing premier family-friendly immersive and challenging escape room experiences for the novice or enthusiast since February 2017.

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Whether players consist of co-workers, family, friends, or schoolmates, they’ll be bonded by their memorable experience at Escape Room Era.

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