5 Ways to Bond with Your Kids During the School Year

November 22, 2022

Written by David Watermeier


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This time of year is full of sports practice, parent nights, and the dreaded homework struggle. Despite the fact that you’ve become a full time child chauffeur, at the end of the day, it can feel like you’ve barely seen your kids at all.

Bonding with your kids is important, and spending time with them is the number one thing you can do to form thriving and happy relationships with them. We’ve put together a list of 5 simple and realistic ways to spend more time with your kids each week that you and your kids will enjoy!

1. Share a meal!

We know, it can seem impossible to share a meal and going through the drive through is sometimes the only way to get everyone fed. Even happy meals can be brought to the dinner table though! Resist the urge to eat on the go and stop for a few minutes to share a meal together. Life Hack: keep a quilt or picnic blanket in the car and pull over at a park or even an empty parking lot! The extra few minutes shared together will make a huge impact on your family!

2. Make one night a week (or month) board game night!

It will give you all something to look forward to and there are so many games to play these days! Spending time with your kids by playing games together enforces teamwork. Kids also learn to take turns and be patient with others while playing games. So, next time you make a Target run, have each of your kids pick out a game that will get them excited for board game night!

3. Take a walk together!

A quick 20 minute walk before bed is good for you and good for your kids too. Bring the bikes, scooters, tricycles, and furry friends! This is a prime opportunity for good conversation, check out this article about how to ask your kids about their day.

4. Get on their level and show interest in their hobbies!

Got a kid who loves Fortnite? Ask them if they can show you how they play! Is your kid really into Pokémon GO? Then download the app and play along with them. Kids love to share and talk about their interests, and while it might be boring to you at first, you will quickly get excited about the light in their eyes when they talk about it. It’s okay if you don’t really get it - just be there, listen, and try to find the fun in whatever their hobbies are.

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