The Art of Clue Creation: How to Design Clues for Escape Rooms

March 12, 2023

Written by David Watermeier


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Escape rooms have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason. These thrilling and immersive experiences challenge participants to use their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to solve puzzles and escape within a limited amount of time. One of the most important components of an escape room is the clues. Clues are what drive the story forward and help players make progress towards their ultimate goal. In this article, we'll explore the art of clue creation and provide tips on how to design clues for escape rooms.

Firstly, it's important to consider the theme of the escape room when designing clues. For example, in Escape Room Era's "The Hide" room, players are investigating a suspected serial killer. Clues in this room should be dark and unsettling, reflecting the theme of the room. In contrast, in "Christmas at Franklin's," the clues should be festive and whimsical, matching the lighthearted Christmas theme.

Next, clues should be challenging but not impossible. Designers should aim to strike a balance between difficulty and accessibility. Clues that are too difficult will leave players frustrated and unable to progress, while clues that are too easy will make the experience lackluster. It's important to test clues with different groups of people to get a sense of their difficulty level.

Clues should also be integrated into the environment in a seamless way. They should not stand out as obvious clues, but rather blend in with the surroundings. This can be achieved by using props, symbols, or even hidden messages that require decoding.

It's also important to consider the flow of the game when designing clues. Clues should be logically connected, leading players from one puzzle to the next in a clear and coherent manner. The game should have a natural progression, building up to a climactic finale.

Lastly, designers should strive to create a memorable and satisfying experience for players. Clues should be designed in a way that makes players feel smart and accomplished when they solve them. The ultimate goal is to create a sense of teamwork and bonding among players as they work together to escape.

In conclusion, designing clues for escape rooms is an art form that requires careful consideration and planning. By keeping the theme in mind, balancing difficulty, seamlessly integrating clues into the environment, considering the flow of the game, and striving to create a memorable experience, designers can create a challenging and satisfying escape room experience for all. If you're looking for an escape room that exemplifies these principles, check out Escape Room Era's "The Hide" room and put your clue-solving skills to the test.



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