Are you brave enough to enter the confines of a twisted psyche? In "Dimensions of Insanity", you won't just be locked in a room – you'll be trapped within the dark recesses of an insane person's mind.

Rare Moon's unique blend of horror expertise brings forth a chilling 25-minute challenge that's not for the faint of heart.

Short horror escape room perfect to test your fears.

Delve into the Depths of the Mind

Venture into the mysterious psyche of the Crowley Family plagued by insanity. As you navigate through distorted memories, haunting fears, and erratic thoughts, you'll need to solve cryptic puzzles and overcome eerie challenges to find your way out. But remember, the mind is a fickle place – and it's easy to lose yourself.

Unravel the layers of madness and escape before you're consumed by the overwhelming darkness. It's more than just an escape room; it's a haunting psychological journey.

The 25-Minute Phenomenon

A conventional 60-minute room gives players the luxury of time, allowing for moments of reflection and discussion. But in the chaotic, unpredictable realm of a disturbed psyche, there is no such respite. Every second in this room is designed to be a pulse-pounding challenge, ensuring that the pressure and the eeriness remain at their peak throughout.

By condensing the experience into a tight 25 minutes, we amplify the urgency, the thrill, and the challenge. It's a relentless race against time, forcing players to think on their feet, act swiftly, and confront fear head-on. This shorter duration also offers an option for those who may be hesitant about committing to a full hour of intense horror.

game details

Dimensions of Insanity is an Horror Escape Room that follows the theme of Mental Health.
We recommend that all players be older than 13 years.


This horror escape room accommodates from 4 to 6 people


This escape room's difficulty is rated at 6/10. The puzzles are not hard, but the rapid timer and the horror factor makes them challenging.


This horror escape room costs $20 per player.


This escape room's max duration is 25minutes

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