Are you tired of the typical dinner and movie date nights? Looking for something more exciting and unique? Well, look

Date Night with a Twist: Horror Escape Rooms in Fullerton

Are you tired of the typical dinner and movie date nights? Looking for something more exciting and unique? Well, look

September 8, 2023

Date Night with a Twist: Horror Escape Rooms in Fullerton

If you're looking for a unique and thrilling date night experience, look no further than the horror escape rooms in Fullerton. These immersive and adrenaline-pumping games offer the perfect opportunity to bond, test your teamwork skills, and create lasting memories. Whether you choose Escapade Games' "Zoe" or Escape Room Era's "Nightmare Mansion," get ready for an unforgettable evening of horror and excitement.

Escape from Reality at Escapade Games

Escapade Games, located in Fullerton, California, is a premier escape room company that specializes in live interactive games. With a goal to escape from the room in 60 minutes, you and your date will need to find clues, open hidden doors, and solve puzzles to succeed. The rooms are designed to be immersive and thrilling, complete with music, decorations, and even live actors who will enhance your experience. With an average rating of 5.0, Escapade Games' escape rooms are known for their scary and immersive nature, with live actors involved in the gameplay. They also offer public ticketing and are ADA compliant, ensuring that everyone can join in on the fun.

Experience the Chills of "Zoe"

One of Escapade Games' notable escape rooms is called "Zoe." Step into this paranormal activity-themed room and prepare yourself for a chilling adventure. Zoe revolves around an abandoned house that seems to be calling out to you. Can you and your date escape before your personalities start to change? Designed for 4 to 9 players and recommended for participants aged 16 and above, this thrilling escape room will test your courage and puzzle-solving skills. Private room prices start at $52 per room, offering a unique and exciting date night option.

Zoe: Reborn - The Ultimate Horror Experience

Exciting news! Zoe will be reopening on August 1st with a special pre-sale for Zoe: Reborn tickets, giving you a $10 discount. This new iteration of Zoe takes horror to the next level. Prepare for a 90-minute immersive horror experience like no other. Accommodating up to 11 people, Zoe: Reborn comes with a price of $69.00 per person. With a difficulty rating of 9/10, primarily due to the intense scare factor, this escape room will push your limits. Brace yourself as you enter a haunted house filled with dark secrets and rituals. But beware, Uncle Robert is lurking in the shadows. Fight and flee from him as you navigate through twisted rooms. Zoe: Reborn is a full-contact escape room experience, allowing actors to physically interact with participants within agreed boundaries. It's an experience you won't want to miss!

Scares, Awards, and Reviews

Zoe has earned its reputation as one of the scariest escape rooms out there. It has received several awards, including the Escape Authority Award for Best Horror Room and the Haunting Net Award for Best Horror Escape Game. With over 100 5-star Yelp reviews, it's clear that Zoe delivers the scares and thrills that horror enthusiasts crave. Additionally, Escapade Games keeps a tally board each month of how many teams give up due to being too scared to continue. The numbers keep increasing, which speaks to the intensity and adrenaline-pumping nature of Zoe. Are you up for the challenge?

Contact Details and Hours

To book your escape room experience or get more information, you can contact Escapade Games via email at or by phone at +17142138631 or +1 (650) 360-5443. Escapade Games is open from 3:15 PM to 11:15 PM, Monday to Friday, and from 11:15 AM to 11:15 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Visitor parking is available at the back of the building.

Escape Room Era: Nightmare Mansion

If you're looking for another horror-themed escape room experience in Fullerton, Escape Room Era's "Nightmare Mansion" is worth considering. Dive into the depths of a haunted mansion and try to escape before it's too late. With challenging puzzles and a terrifying environment, this escape room will keep you on your toes. Contact Escape Room Era at"> or call 909-631-6716 to make your reservation. They are open Monday to Friday from 3:15 PM to 11:15 PM and Saturday & Sunday from 11:15 AM to 11:15 PM. Follow them on Instagram for updates and sneak peeks.

Prepare yourself for a date night like no other with these horror escape rooms in Fullerton. Whether you choose Escapade Games' "Zoe" or Escape Room Era's "Nightmare Mansion," you and your partner are guaranteed to have an unforgettable evening filled with chills, thrills, and plenty of excitement. Book your escape room experience today and get ready to escape from reality!

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