2-4 players, family friendly.

Benjamin Franklins famous inventions attract all kinds of visitors.
Curious folk. Those fascinated with science. Historical Fanatics.

Before the British Arrive, you must find his most prized invention.


Step back in time to the workshop of Benjamin Franklin, a world renowned inventor, statesman, and Founding Father!  

Whispers hint at a groundbreaking invention hidden within his study, one that could change the very course of the Revolutionary War.  

It's a race against time as British Redcoats close in. Can you discover Franklin's secret and secure it for the Patriots?

inventions, trinkets, puzzles.

Step across the threshold and into Benjamin Franklin's world of scientific wonders and secret machinations.  Half-finished gadgets and peculiar tools lie scattered about, hinting at the whirlwind of his inventive mind.  

Notes filled with cryptic symbols and diagrams adorn the walls, whispering promises of hidden compartments and ingenious puzzles.With every object you examine, every riddle you solve, you peel back another layer of Franklin's intellect.  

The closer you get to the invention, the more you understand the true power of his remarkable mind. A man determined to use his knowledge for the betterment of a fledgling nation.

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An Intimate Setting, for all ages

This escape room invites smaller groups and families to test their wits in a unique historical setting.  The cozy confines of Franklin's workshop encourage collaboration. Share your observations, combine your insights, and channel his innovative spirit to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

History buffs and puzzle enthusiasts alike will relish the opportunity to delve into Franklin's world. Experience the thrill of discovery with every lock you pick, every secret you uncover. Teamwork and a thirst for knowledge are your greatest tools within the confines of this remarkable escape room.

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The Invention Room was originally envisioned by Escape room era. Now Escapade Games, the creators of Zoe: Reborn has remade it. Although The invention Room is not horror-themed, we applied all of our mastery with engaging escape rooms to create a fantastic escape game!

Zoe has won several Escape Room awards, and has received the title of "Scariest Escape Room" by several prized Escape Room reviewers.

Our other game is so scary, some players can't even complete it. so you can imagine how fun the invention room will be!

You can check some of Escapade's awards below.

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This Escape Room's theme is COLONIAL and is fit for players of all ages.


This escape room's duration is 60 minutes maximum.


This horror escape room accommodates up 2 - 4 people.
Perfect for two players!


This escape room's pricing is $42.00 per person.


This escape room's difficulty is rated at 8/10. The puzzles require deep thinking.