What are birthday escape rooms?

A birthday Escape Room game is a real-life adventure game that takes place in a closed room. Inside each room, you will be immersed in a story of its own! After you and your team enter, you will have a limited amount of time to solve all the puzzles that are required to exit the room. Some rooms may have different objectives other than just plainly escaping.

Birthday Escape Rooms serve the purpose of being an incredibly fun event for any group of any ages, allowing for entire families and group of friends to have an incredible experience together.

We serve the best birthday Escape Rooms in Fullerton, California.

1 - birthday TEAM ENTERS

You and your family or friends enter the room, ready to take on any challenges..

2 - Solve the puzzles

Throughout the room you will have to seek out cryptographic puzzles, codes, keys, secret combinations and solve them to help you progress in your escape.

3 - escape!

After you finish all the puzzles, you are free! Escape from the room(s), and take a selfie with your team to showcase your success.

Perfect for any birthday!

Your birthday is coming up, and you might be wondering what to do for one of the most important occasions of the year. Of course, there are house parties, restaurants, and bars, but if you want a really exciting experience where every single one of your guests, including yourself, is guaranteed to have fun, Escapade Games is the perfect birthday choice!

make your birthday party count!

Birthday parties at Escapade Games are more of an experience than anything else. When you choose your date and are ready to book a room, a fun addition is to dress a birthday group in a theme. Your friends and family can choose anything from pirate themes to flappers, it’s truly up to you!

Custom endings and events!

We can alter some of our puzzles and ending to fit the theme of your birthday party! Maybe it's a surprise for someone else, and have the last puzzle reveal a birthday letter? If you can dream it, we can make it!

Birthday Discounts

We offer a discount for Birthday games, depending on the size of the party and duration the event will take.


You can check our rules and policies on the individual game pages. The standard rules apply for birthday games.


We can accommodate up to 11 players at once, in our Escape Room, Zoe: Reborn

If you have a larger party please call or email us and we can adjust our games to be able to host your event.


Due to COVID-19, we no longer offer catering and after-game waiting rooms. However, there is a café next door to the escape room that we can recommend because they have a large outdoor seating area.

OUR birthday escape GAMES

These are the collection of Escape Games created by Escapade Games.