Reliving the Terror: A Recap of Zoe's Re-Opening Night at Escapade Games Are you ready to face your deepest fears

Reliving the Terror: A Recap of Zoe's Re-Opening Night at Escapade Games

Reliving the Terror: A Recap of Zoe's Re-Opening Night at Escapade Games Are you ready to face your deepest fears

July 13, 2023

Reliving the Terror: A Recap of Zoe's Re-Opening Night at Escapade Games

Are you ready to face your deepest fears and immerse yourself in a night of pure terror? Well, look no further than Escapade Games' re-opening night of the infamous Zoe escape room. With its spine-chilling storyline and intense scare factor, Zoe is the epitome of horror escape rooms, guaranteed to leave you trembling with fear and begging for mercy.

As the clock struck 7 on that fateful night, thrill-seekers from all around gathered at Escapade Games for the long-awaited return of Zoe. The anticipation in the air was palpable, a mixture of excitement and nervousness. The room, previously closed for renovations and enhancements, promised an even more terrifying experience than before. The buzz of the crowd grew louder, building up the suspense for what awaited them behind the doors.

Immersed in a Nightmarish World

As the doors creaked open, participants entered the nightmare that awaited them. The immersive storyline of Zoe cast a spell over everyone, drawing them into a world of paranormal terror. The abandoned house, whispered secrets, and the ever-ominous presence of Uncle Robert set the stage for an unforgettable horror experience. The room, spanning over 2000 square feet, seemed like a labyrinth of fear, with twisted rooms that tested the limits of bravery.

No one was safe from the terror that lurked within Zoe. As teams ventured deeper into the room, they encountered nightmarish puzzles that challenged their wits and bravery. Cryptic sigils, haunting rituals, and satanic circles became a means of survival, a way to uncover the dark secrets that held Zoe captive. The dedicated participants fought against the ticking clock and their mounting fears, driven by the desire to set Zoe free.

But there was no escaping the presence of Uncle Robert. This formidable character posed a constant threat, raising the fear factor to new heights. One wrong step, and Uncle Robert's axe would be swiftly put to use, reminding everyone that courage alone couldn't secure their survival. It was a battle against time, against the spirits, and against one's own sanity.

A Night of Screams and Survival

As the night unfolded, screams echoed through the halls of Escapade Games. The terror proved too overwhelming for some, as they gave up and pleaded for the nightmare to end. The tally board, a testament to the room's intense scare factor, saw an increase with every passing hour. The adrenaline-fueled atmosphere filled the air, heightening the experience for those who dared to continue.

The re-opening night of Zoe was a resounding success, leaving participants both exhilarated and relieved to have survived the horrors within. This award-winning horror experience had once again proven its worth, solidifying its position as one of the scariest escape rooms in the industry. The screams of terror may have subsided, but the memories of that night will undoubtedly haunt the participants for years to come.

Experience the Nightmare Again

If you're brave enough to face your fears and experience the terror of Zoe, mark your calendars for the 1st of August when the room will be reborn. Until then, Escapade Games is pre-selling tickets for Zoe: Reborn at a discounted price of $59.00 per person. Don't miss out on the opportunity to test your limits and challenge your bravery in this nightmare-inducing escape room.

Remember, Escapade Games and Escape Room Era are different companies. Escapade Games is re-opening its doors, ready to unleash the horror once again. So gather your team, prepare for the unknown, and let the dread-filled adventure of Zoe take you on a journey you'll never forget.

Contact Escapade Games

Contact Escapade Games at or by phone at +17142138631 or +1 (650) 360-5443 to secure your spot in this nightmare-filled escapade. And don't forget to follow Escapade Games on Instagram for updates and sneak peeks into the chilling world of horror events.

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