What are CORPORATE escape rooms?

A corporate Escape Room game is a real-life adventure game that takes place in a closed room. Inside each room, you will be immersed in a story of its own! After you and your team enter, you will have a limited amount of time to solve all the puzzles that are required to exit the room. Some rooms may have different objectives or just plainly escaping.

Corporate Escape Rooms serve the purpose of Team-Building between employees. By encouraging cooperation through an immersive experience, your co-workers will bond and become better employees because of it.


You and your fellow employees enter the room, ready to solve everything.

Solve the puzzles

Cryptographic puzzles, codes, keys, finding secret combinations, moving certain books, hunt and solve all the puzzles and keep moving on.


After you finish all the puzzles, you are free to Escape from the room(s), and take a selfie with your team to showcase your success.

Perfect for team building!

If you’re looking for a team building exercise, look no further. An escape room is the ultimate team building exercise, requiring everyone to work together and communicate to achieve a common goal. Whether your team consists of co-workers, family, friends, or schoolmates, you'll bond over your memorable experience at Escape Room Era Fontana


Building a team that thrives on creativity can be a tough ask. One has to look at each team member individually and make an assessment. In a recent study conducted by Harvard points out that team building is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. However, an escape room might be considered as one of the most effective and fastest ways to build a team.

Custom quotes

We will price your corporate event competitively, offering adequate quotes depending on the quantity of employees for the games.


You can check our rules and policies on the individual game pages. The standard rules apply for corporate events.


We can accommodate up to 20 players at once spread throughout our sescape rooms.


Due to COVID-19, we no longer offer catering and after-game waiting rooms. However, next door is a great café we could recommend with a large outdoor seating area. We also have a deal with a great local boba shop for free delivery for large orders of 50+.