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January 29, 2024
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Fontana Escape Games: A Unique Corporate Event

Fontana Escape Games is a form of corporate event that offers team building experiences, problem-solving challenges, and interactive games. These events are designed to foster teamwork, communication, and leadership skills among employees in a fun and engaging environment.

Introduction to Rare Moon Escape Rooms

Rare Moon Escape Rooms is a horror escape room company based in Fontana, California. They specialize in offering immersive horror escape room experiences that provide a thrilling and intense environment for participants.

Since 2020, Rare Moon Escape Rooms has been captivating horror enthusiasts with their unique and intricately designed escape rooms. With a focus on creating suspenseful and chilling scenarios, the company takes pride in delivering an unforgettable and heart-pounding adventure for all its guests.

Whether it's uncovering the dark agenda at the Ultimate Rave or rescuing the joyous spirit of Christmas from the clutches of the Grinch, Rare Moon Escape Rooms promises an exhilarating experience like no other.

Benefits of Corporate Events at Rare Moon Escape Rooms

Participating in horror escape rooms can enhance communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among employees. Corporate events at the horror escape rooms provide a break from work-related stress while offering a unique and exciting experience for employees.

Rare Moon Escape Rooms: A Thrilling Experience

Rare Moon Escape Rooms, based in Fontana, California, offers a distinctive and thrilling experience for corporate events. The company's specialty in horror escape rooms sets them apart, providing an immersive and engaging environment for team building and bonding. By navigating through challenging scenarios such as "Entrapment: Ultimate Rave" and "The Grinch," employees can develop and hone their teamwork and problem-solving abilities while having an exhilarating time.

Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

This unique setting allows individuals to step out of their comfort zones, encouraging effective communication and fostering a sense of camaraderie as they work together to unravel mysteries and accomplish tasks within the given time frame. Moreover, the intense and immersive nature of the escape rooms can create a memorable and impactful experience, leaving a lasting impression on employees and contributing to a positive and dynamic corporate culture.


In summary, hosting corporate events at Rare Moon Escape Rooms offers more than just entertainment; it promotes the development of essential skills and provides a refreshing break from the routine, ultimately contributing to enhanced team dynamics and employee satisfaction.

Customized Corporate Packages

Rare Moon Escape Rooms offers a range of packages for corporate events, including options for team size, duration, and additional amenities. They also provide flexibility to tailor packages based on specific corporate needs or themes while incorporating the horror elements.

When it comes to organizing a corporate event with a twist, Rare Moon Escape Rooms is the perfect choice. With the option to customize the experience, businesses can tailor their team-building activities to match their specific requirements. Whether it's a large team or a smaller group, the corporate packages offered by Rare Moon Escape Rooms cater to various team sizes. Additionally, the duration of the escape room experience can be adjusted to fit within the company's schedule.

Rare Moon Escape Rooms understands that corporate events often have unique themes or specific goals in mind. That's why they offer the flexibility to incorporate horror elements into the experience, adding an extra thrill to the team-building activity. By integrating the horror genre into the escape room scenarios, participants are immersed in an adrenaline-pumping adventure that fosters teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills.

In summary, Rare Moon Escape Rooms' customized corporate packages are designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses looking to engage their teams in an immersive and unforgettable experience. With the ability to tailor the team-building activities and incorporate horror elements, companies can look forward to a thrilling and impactful event that goes beyond the ordinary.

At Rare Moon Escape Rooms

We offer spine-chilling horror-themed escape rooms that are perfect for team bonding, collaboration, and conquering challenges together. Our corporate teams have ventured into the depths of Entrapment: Ultimate Rave and The Grinch and emerged with tales of triumph and unity.

Positive Experiences

Countless companies have shared their positive experiences after hosting corporate events at Rare Moon Escape Rooms. They have attested to the significant impact on team dynamics and employee satisfaction that comes from navigating our intricate, horror-filled puzzles together. The adrenaline-pumping experience of working against the clock in an immersive and frightening environment serves as a catalyst for improved communication, problem-solving, and teamwork within the company.

Success Stories and Achievements

We have numerous success stories and team achievements that showcase the tangible benefits of participating in our horror escape experiences. These stories highlight how our challenges break through communication barriers and foster camaraderie among participants. It's truly transformative.

The Effectiveness of Rare Moon Escape Rooms

Each testimonial and success story serves as proof of the effectiveness of Rare Moon Escape Rooms in facilitating memorable and impactful team-building experiences. Our unique blend of fear, excitement, and collaboration takes corporate events to a new level, leaving participants with unforgettable memories, strengthened relationships, and a renewed sense of teamwork.

Enriching Corporate Events with Rare Moon Escape Rooms

Rare Moon Escape Rooms goes above and beyond to elevate corporate events by offering a range of additional services that transform ordinary team-building activities into unforgettable experiences. The company provides tailored services such as catering, meeting spaces, and post-game debriefing sessions, aimed at enriching the overall experience for corporate clients.

Moreover, what sets Rare Moon Escape Rooms apart is their unique ability to integrate specific corporate goals or messages into their horror escape room experiences. This innovative approach allows companies to not only engage their teams in a thrilling adventure but also effectively communicate key messages, promote collaboration, and reinforce company values. By aligning the escape room challenges with corporate objectives, Rare Moon Escape Rooms ensures that each event is not only memorable but also impactful.

Whether it's fostering teamwork, reinforcing leadership skills, or emphasizing the importance of problem-solving, Rare Moon Escape Rooms can seamlessly weave these themes into the escape room narratives. This integration enhances the effectiveness of the events, leaving participants with a profound and lasting impression.


  • Rare Moon Escape Rooms offers additional services to enhance corporate events.
  • Services include catering, meeting spaces, and post-game debriefing sessions.
  • Escape room experiences can be tailored to integrate corporate goals and messages.
  • Alignment with corporate objectives ensures impactful and memorable events.
  • Themes such as teamwork and problem-solving can be seamlessly integrated into escape room narratives.

In summary, the additional services and unique integration capabilities offered by Rare Moon Escape Rooms make them the ideal choice for companies seeking to elevate their corporate events and provide their teams with an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Booking and Logistics

If you're considering hosting a corporate event at Rare Moon Escape Rooms, the process is straightforward and designed to ensure a seamless and thrilling experience for all participants. To begin, there is a comprehensive step-by-step guide available for booking a corporate event. This guide covers essential details such as pricing options, availability of time slots, and any necessary pre-event preparations. Whether you're organizing a team-building exercise or a unique corporate outing, the team at Rare Moon Escape Rooms is dedicated to accommodating your specific needs.

In addition to the booking process, logistical concerns are also taken into consideration to guarantee the convenience of all guests. This includes providing information on parking facilities, accessibility for individuals with different needs, and an overview of the on-site amenities.

At Rare Moon Escape Rooms, the goal is to not only deliver an unforgettable and exhilarating escape room experience but also to ensure that the overall event planning and logistics are as stress-free as possible.

Conclusion and Contact Information

Hosting corporate events at Rare Moon Escape Rooms offers unique horror-themed experiences that enhance team building and employee engagement. The adrenaline-pumping challenges of the Entrapment: Ultimate Rave and The Grinch escape rooms are designed to test teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills in a thrilling and immersive environment. By immersing participants in gripping narratives and bone-chilling scenarios, Rare Moon Escape Rooms go beyond typical team-building activities to create memorable and impactful experiences.

For inquiries, bookings, and further details about corporate event offerings, you can contact Rare Moon Escape Rooms using the following information:

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Plan your next corporate event with Rare Moon Escape Rooms and treat your team to an unforgettable adventure that will leave them talking about it long after the puzzles have been solved.

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